Thursday, April 2, 2009

Found Poem

Escape On A Northward Wind

So I'll step foot outside my door.
As I'm walking through the streets of this town,
Packing up my memories, Let's get this f***ing started.
I want to wake up in a place where no one will now my name.
Let say that I am setting sail
Because I've grown weary of the familiar face
And your words, a sea of irony.
I just wanna forget this place, where you can't see your f***ing self.
Set sail tonight on an open course.
Stars above my head I can't ignore.
So we set a course, yeah we set it well.
F*** this town. I want out.

Adapted from:
The Homefront's- Escape (F*** this town)
Take Notice's- Northward Winds Were Bound To Happen

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